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Do I have a hole in my head too??

April 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Nothing else seems to explain why I sometimes get real crazy. This post is a result of one such moment that I had while travelling home from work by bus. The fact that I got a seat on the bus that day could have also played a part in making my brain do this.

Here is a gist of my previous post, We are all somewhat blind, but in verse form.

There are holes in our eyes,
Not everybody knows.

Only with an experiment,
it clearly shows.

Don’t look for a reason,
for there is none.

Looks like evolution,
was just having some fun.

It is not just nature,
that should take this blame,

For our brain too,
plays a cheating game

Conjuring up images that
were never really there,

wonder what the reasons,
for natural selection, were.

You might then ask,
“cant I be ever sure of what I saw?”

To that question,
I can only hem and haw.

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