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Sai, the fraud, Baba

It was utterly nauseating to see the media coverage for Sai Baba’s death. He was undoubtedly a fraud, a cheat, a trickster fooling millions of people, including those in the highest offices in our government. All those talks of how there is going to be a re-incarnation further irritated me. If you are somebody who has not given much thought about him or are wondering why I am so critical of him, look at the following videos to see what a fraud he was.

There is also a BBC documentary on the Sai baba talking about allegations of sex abuse against him. There was only one article that I saw in the Times of India, about how some rationalists had attempted to expose him, and the Sai baba evaded all their challenges. Which trickster wouldnt? I knew about Sai Baba all along, but what shocked me today was this article from the open page of the Hindu written by Dr.V.Mohan Chairman of Mohan Diabetes Centre. In that he says:

Miracles do happen, people get cured of serious illnesses and, as doctors, we have seen such cases. But that is not everything about him…

This is ridiculous. What never fails to irk me is that people like him, in very high positions in the field of medicine, supporting all sorts of woo. What this does is it creates an impression that even “science” admits that miracles are possible and makes them flock even more to such charlatans. How can Dr.Mohan say that? Would he next start re-directing people coming to his center with serious illnesses, to go and seek the blessings of Sai baba at his grave? If miracles indeed do happen, why did Sai baba build a hospital? Can’t he just cure people by touching them?

I know it is tough to move people away from such superstitions, but people like Dr.Mohan, who are experts in their fields, should know better than making such statements. Can Dr.Mohan back his claims up with the most important thing, evidence, which is something I am sure, he would demand for all cures for Diabetes? He won’t, because he can’t, because nobody can, because miracles do not happen.

  1. Shiva.R
    May 1, 2011 at 09:58

    Hi 🙂 Am following this space regularly . Great read so for . If not as a god man at least as a human being we should give respect to him/HIM and to his followers. It is hardly a week since he passed away . These things could have been argued while he was alive and now when his funeral flowers are still fresh i suppose these talks are im-material 🙂

    • May 1, 2011 at 10:08

      Hey Shiva, whatever respect he should have received for the non-miraculous good things that he has done, he has lost it by trying to cheat people. I don’t mind the so called saints, who don’t claim miraculous powers, but genuinely believe that they are after some spiritual goal, but this guy clearly knew he was cheating and made a huge industry out of it. If he genuinely had good intentions at heart, why cant he work like a social worker? Why did he choose to act as if he had miraculous powers? Moreover, all these tricks could not have been achieved by people close to him knowing it. So the whole thing was well planned to cheat the audience. The very fact that he thought he should cheat others, casts huge doubt on the intentions behind his other “good” work.

  2. Michael J. Hollander
    July 23, 2014 at 15:34

    God On Earth – This was and Is Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba – even a fool could see this –
    the false allegations are only by such persons who could not fathom His Glory —
    How come with all the untrue allegations Everything around Him and His Organization continues to Blossom ? With all the evil slander against Him how is it that all the Institutions continue to grow with no shortage of Devotees or funds?Peoples jealousy is so evil like a bunch of morons that is all.
    How was He able to Build these Vast Hospitals or Temples Of Healing and they are all Free
    and continue expanding even after His Departure what accounts for this and the Same with His University and many schools Founded by Him They all continue to grow and expand and they are All Free.What accounts for this.The morons who write such absurd Falsehood will certainy one day be held accountable- this you can be sure of.Just a bunch of evil liars
    who write total falsehood.It was so easy to see that this was and is GOD Himself – to practice His Teachings now that is far more difficult.

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