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One small step for super luminal neutrinos

Remember I had mentioned about some particles seeming to travel faster than the speed of light, why such a result is too good to be true and that they are re-testing it to remove one possible source of error from their experiment?

The results of the re-testing are out, and they have still observed that those neutrinos are showing up earlier than they should. You can read some of media reports here, here and here. The problem was that the neutrinos were observed to appear earlier than expected at the destination by 60 seconds. But these particles originated in a pulse that was 1000 nano seconds long. So one of the suspicions that other scientists had was that the detected neutrinos probably started off in the latter half of the 100 nano second pulse. So this time, they released pulses which were as short of 10 nano seconds. With this confirmation, that particular error is ruled out.

That of course does not mean, that the result is confirmed. There are still other possible problems with the experiment as explained by Jim Al Khaili, a theoretical physicist. You can also read another take on the latest development here. If you are wondering what will reduce the skepticism towards the result, here is what Jim Al Khaili says.

The experiment needs to be re-run independently by other particle physics laboratories, and plans are currently underway for this to take place in Japan and the US, but it will take some months at least.

Of course, there is a good probability that there is some fundamental flaw in the experiment. But till then, let us savour the excitement of the possibility of living at a time when one of the biggest breakthroughs in Physics could come through.

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