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The gene’s eye view

The New Indian express has asked for an article every fortnight (Yay!). This is my next piece for the New Indian Express. I talk about why evolution must be looked at as being for the benefit of the gene (and not as for the benefit of the individual). This is the crux of the classic book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins; the book that changed the course of my life. Without that book, I would have been a hugely different person today.

The article is titled “Soft emotions spur genes in evolution race” by the paper, though I had called it “The gene’s eye view”. I dont mind their changing titles, but in this case, they have got it wrong. The title seems to suggest that the emotions are the cause, and the genes the effect. It is actually the other way round. It is the genes that cause the emotions. I guess I should point that out to them.

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