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My picks – 8th January 2012

Here are this week’s links.

Here is a terrific profile of of Neil deGrasse Tyson by Carl Zimmer.

Jerry Coyne on Free Will. This article is just a compilation of his frequent posts on his blog on this topic, but for those who don’t read his blog, this will be a good piece. (here is my take on Free will)

Look at the entries for NG Photo contest. Some are incredibly beautiful. (Via WhyEvolutionIsTrue)

An old talk in which Paul Krugman talks about what economists can learn from Evolutionary biologists.

Do girls inherently like pink? No, it is just a result of culture. Again an old article that I came across this week. Ben Goldacre talks about a paper.

What would you do if you were told you have cancer? Christopher Hitchens, continues as if nothing happened. A nice tribute from Salman Rushdie.

There are multiple newsitems about Stephen Hawking turning 70. See what his colleagues are saying about him.

If anything can be called Bruteforce, this is it. You need at least 17 numbers to make a sudoku puzzle, says a researcher. And the author says he does not really enjoy Sudoku.

The problem of false positives in research, highlighted in a paper.

And this one is from India. A summary of what the Chemistry Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan said in Chennai about Astrology and the comments it elicited on the Times of India.

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