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My Picks – 11th February 2012

I missed out on posting links last week. So I am compensating for that this time.

Carl Zimmer reports on a debate about whether details of experiments that gave an already existing virus the ability to spread from ferrets to ferrets should be published in full.

Read this shocking piece about how organ harvesting is common among death row prisoners in China.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. The war among the four.

“If I kill him, are you going to eat him with me?” 3 boys lost at sea for 51 days without food.

A video about entropy. But does not answer all my questions. Someday I intend to write an explanatory piece about Entropy. Just so I understand it well.

About home scientists.

Richard Dawkins was in India in January for the Jaipur Literary Festival. That is the event where we ensured that Salman Rushdie’s does not attend the festival even via a video link. Here is what he says. Our own TV debates on this issue was pretty muddled. They kept comparing Salman Rushdie to somebody who posts nude pictures of another person. What a stupid comparison? When will we understand that “blasphemy is a victimless crime”.

Did we evolve to lie to ourselves Just so that we can do the lying well? A review of a book, “The folly of fools”. Also, an interview with the author of the book Robert Trivers.

Look at these bookshops. Fantastic.

Gonorrhea is becoming untreatable.

Here is a picture of a shark eating another shark. The article says that the predator is also called carpet shark. Looking at the picture, you can see why.

The peppered moth example is often used to explain evolution. But it seems to have had a chequered history. Jerry Coyne criticized the experiments based on which the moths initially became so popular an example of natural selection. But another researcher did better experiments to establish that the hypothesis was indeed true, but before he could publish the results, he died. The results are finally published now. I had no clue that so much happened about it, even though I have seen the example cited frequently. Jerry Coyne too summarises the history for us.

Here is an anthology of some of the best blogs of 2011. Read them when you get the time.

A couple of posts arguing for doing away with DRM on e-books.

Science Write Carl Zimmer has written a cover article for Time on Animal Friendships. I could not read it since I don’t have access(neither to the online version, nor the print edition). But the first few paragraphs look exciting. If you have access, do not miss it.

An article by a writer, on the uninsured in America. A first person perspective.

Richard Dawkins argues why “beyond reasonable doubt” in the judicial system, is not true in many cases.

A new drug works for mice who have Alzheimer’s. Not sure if it will work for humans though.

Why does the Zebra have stripes? Here is a possible answer. And some problems that Jerry Coyne raises.

Darwin’s manuscripts now available online. Don’t know if I will reach even one of them. Some day…

Gene therapy helps people with congenital blindness see. Is that not incredible?

That will keep you busy for some time? Won’t it?

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  1. R.Shiva
    February 11, 2012 at 20:49

    Salman Rushdie asks Richard Dawkins , If Harry Truman is 34th vice president and 33rd president . Who is the first president of USA? . This is something that bewilders both believers and non-believers .

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