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My Picks – 26th March 2012

Here are some things that I read this week.

So far, humans are still ahead of programs in solving crosswords. This will keep my dad happy.

Time to start donating a different kind of blood. Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that could be useful to others.

Is it not comforting to blame our faults on something else? That is why I like science. Babies delivered by a C-section have a higher chance of being obese. There is a small hitch though. My mother gave birth to me without the surgery. But I need not worry. I am sure I can find some gene to blame for my weight :-).

Are brain dead people really brain dead?

How to get the job you want?

Want to see around corners? Here is how?

Brilliant stuff from Carl Zimmer. He talks about how “Virologists, in other words, are still waiting for their Penicillin Moment.” At the end of the read, you feel like an expert.

Another piece by Carl Zimmer. This time, a profile of a neuroscientist, who is trying to map the connections in 1 cubic milli metre of our brains. Read why even that is not easy as it sounds, and why it is so important.

Here is the new “unprinter”.

A doctor talks about the problems with screening tests, and why she would not undergo one.

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