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My picks – 22nd April 2012

Here are some links to keep your brain going.

James Randi says magicians could be very useful to scientists as associates. I am not entirely convinced, but go read the article.

Do gut microbes fall into 3 distinct classes? Not clear yet.

While James Cameroon dives to the deepest part of Earth, here is why it is important.

If you trace back the lineage of all modern domesticated cows, they would all lead to a small herd of 80 cattle 10,500 years ago.

Beyond racism. A student of psychology tries to understand the reasons behind increased suspicion towards black people. And another scientist talks about her own experiences as a black person doing science. Scary.

Here is a piece about Dolphin societies. All the more interesting to me, since I was just reading the book To touch a wild dolphin.

Incredible. Fossilised rain drops 2.7 billion years old and what we can learn from them.

The other side of science. “In cancer science, many ‘discoveries’ don’t hold up”.

A look at how single patients might not always be a good guide at understanding our brains.

The superluminal neutrinos, that turned out not to be superluminal, has taken its toll.

A longish piece on the questions surrounding uncontacted tribes in the Amazonian.

Counting penguins from pictures taken from satellites.

Saudi Arabia refuses to send female participants to Lonon Olympics. Ban them, I say.

Now now. This is the problem. Chinese traditional medicine does not have proper labelling. They also contain ingredients from endangered animals and toxic plants. Whoever said traditional medicine is safe.

GM Mosquitoes let out to outbreed wild mosquitoes that spread Dengue.

Here is how Rainbows work.


Why are humans capable of music? Here is a discussion.

The source of high energy cosmic rays is still not clear.

A new class of pesticides is killing bee colonies.

An interesting brain mapping debate.

Read all about the trouble with today’s science.

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