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How to register for cord blood donation

Sometime back I mentioned about cord blood banking and that Prabha and I are going to store the cord blood at the time of delivery with Jeevan Stem Cell Bank (JSCB). We completed the registration procedure today. I thought I can talk about it here so that those interested will know what it is all about.

The last time we went there, they gave us a set of forms to be filled in. They were mostly questionnaires asking us about our medical history, details of the pregnancy and other such details. There were also a couple of forms to be signed which essentially said that if for some reason, like complications during delivery, JSCB is not able to collect the cord blood they cannot be held responsible for it etc. The entire form filling took us just fifteen minutes. In addition to the form, we also had to give a copy of the latest scan report. That was all what was needed to complete the registration.

Once we gave them the form, the person there showed us the cord blood collection kit. The kit contained a pouch in which cord blood will be stored, a couple of small test tube like containers for samples of the mother’s blood. The kit also contained a pouch of gel to maintain the temperature of the cord blood till it reaches the bank. This gel has to be kept in the freezer a day before the delivery. Since we might not know when the delivery is going to be, I feel we can just keep it in the freezer, when we get closer to the date and let it stay there till the day comes. Apart from these there is a pair of gloves for the nurse to use and a couple of syringes to collect blood samples. We need to keep this kit with us and take it to the hospital when we go there for delivery.

Since it is a nurse from JSCB which will do the actual work of collecting the cord blood (and not someone from the hospital that Prabha is going to get into), just before starting for the hospital we need to give a call to the JSBC nurse whose mobile number we were given. We can call her any time 24 x 7, and she will be there at the hospital as quickly as possible. Even if we forget to take the kit to the hospital, we can just inform them and they will arrange for another one.

It is all pretty simple. And all steps are taken by Jeevan to make it as easy for us as possible. I just need to inform our doctor the next time we go to meet her, to let her know that we we have registered with Jeevan to save the cord blood. That is all, there is to it.

If you want more details you can reach them on 9790897918. They will be glad to help you.


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