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Neil Armstrong

Since the time I read about the Apollo program in Andrew Chaikin’s A man on the moon, every time I looked at the moon I have always wondered what an incredible achievement landing on the moon was. That thought never failed to moist by eyes. Today it was announced that Neil Amstrong passed away. We are not sure when exactly it happened. Twitter is abuzz with people sharing links about him. I thought I can share with you some interesting articles I read. Here they are.

What did the then American president, Richard Nixon, plan to say if the Moon landing failed? Here is the prepared statement.

The statement from his family announcing his death.

A really interesting piece in the garb of advice to journalists on what photos should NOT be used in tomorrow’s newspapers.

Statement from Buzz Aldrin, the second person who landed on the moon, on Neil Armstrong’s passing away.

An obituary in The Economist.

The actual video of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon …

… and what the conversation at that time was.

Neil Armstrong’s last interviewwhich ends rather well. When asked about conspiracy theories of the moon landing being a hoax, he replies:

it was never a concern to me because I know one day, somebody is going to go fly back up there and pick up that camera I left.

To end this on a positive note, here is the New York Times article published the day after the landing.

Just so the enormity of the achievement is not lost on us, here is Neil Armstrong on the moon (from NASA’s picture gallery).

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