Sciencey stuff for children

Now that I am a father of 2 kids, I am looking forward to the day when my children will start reading books (rather than just licking them as they do now). Being a huge science enthusiast, it will greatly influence my choice of books that I will offer to my children. I have a nephew and a niece too who are 5 and 2 years old and I keep sending book suggestions to my brother and sister in law. After sending a few mails to them, I wondered, why I should not keep a running list of all sciencey things that I see so that my friends too can benefit from that. A year from now, I too will find it useful to see the entire list at one place. So here it goes. This page will keep getting updated. So keep checking for new additions.

Suggestion lists by others:

The author of this blog invited suggestions from his readers. So you can find suggestions in the comments on this post.

Ten toys for kids –

Individual suggestions

George’s Secret key to the universe – Stephen Hawking

You are stardust – By Elin Kelsey and Soyeon Kim

The Tree of Life : The Wonders of Evolution – Ellen Jackson

Thames & Cosmos Chemistry set. This is not a book but, so what, as long as it teaches science, it will get into this list. This company produces a lot of resources for science. Even the chemistry set comes in different versions.

These littlebits kits will make electronic nerds of your children.

Here is a youtube channel for some good science experiments. And his website.

The boy who harnessed the wind.

Relativity for the million.

Physics for entertainment – An old book published initially in Russia.

You can see nice videos (including of science) on this website.


PZ Myers’ post that led me to this family-run business where you can dig up trilobites with your family.

Science experiments that can be done at home for kids aged 4-10.

How to grow a caterpillar at home. Here is how to do it.

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